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Why Start a Membership Site?

Want to create a powerful following of people that will be able to communicate with you, buy from you, and make it all feel like an exclusive club that only they are part of? A membership site is one of the best ways to build a loyal following on the web.

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Setting up a membership involves three things:

  1. Setting up hosting that’s big enough to handle the hundreds (or thousands!) of members that visit your site every day.

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2. Installing Joomla and setting up a membership Joomla extension like Membership Pro.

3. Going out and finding the people most likely to want to pay for what your exclusive membership club will offer.

Membership Sites Bring Income

A membership site is a website that charges a fee for access.  Some sites charge for any access to the site. Other sites offer “teasers” or small pieces of the site for free, while other pages require a fee.

In the past, these sites may have been viewed in a bad light, as adult websites were some of the first to capitalize on this format.  However, more and more business have begun to see this as a legitimate way of earning money.

In the past, these types of sites were reserved for larger business that could afford to hire computer programmers to create the sites.  Now, there are more options available for smaller businesses.

Joomla Has Native Features

Joomla has features included that allow pages to be seen only by specific levels of users.  Many people who use Joomla for their websites do not even bother with the user roles.  However, if user roles are assigned, different posts and pages can be made accessible to different users at different levels.

One drawback is the problem of collecting payment.  With the Joomla native features, it might be necessary to collect payment through a gateway like PayPal and then manually enter the user at the correct level.

Plugins Allow More Functionality

There are Joomla plugins that allow more functionality with membership sites.  One such plugin is S2Membership.  This plugin allows for different user roles to be created with custom names.  Posts and pages can be assigned to members at different levels.  Members can even be allowed to see content based on tags, categories or several other indicators.

One of the best parts of S2Membership is that it includes an automatic payment method.  Users pay through a gateway and the plugin automatically assigns them to the correct role within Joomla.

Discover the flexibility that Joomla offers for membership sites.