How to Encourage Website Visitors to Join Your Mailing List

When it comes to email marketing, it is important that you first build a mailing list. You’ll find that your investment in this marketing tool will bring back huge returns, and it’s still considered one of the direct marketing methods that are most effective.

Have a Website Set Up First

The number one way that people are going to be able to join your mailing list is through your website, so make sure you have at least a landing page or basic website set up first. If you are planning ahead and haven’t already purchased a domain and hosting yet make sure that you check out lots of coupon websites first, there are some excellent deals to be had for new customers. We definitely recommend GoDaddy for the aspiring webmaster, as it’s inexpensive and reliable. If you’re an existing customer you can also use a renewal coupon code to save on your existing domain or hosting plan. Checkout DiscountGo’s selection of coupon codes, they have lots for GoDaddy as well as other hosting providers and domain registrars.

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Building the Mailing List

If you want to have a successful email marketing campaign, first you need a list of subscribers. There are tons of great email list companies out there like MailChimp, Constant Contact and AWeber. You are only supposed to send emails to those who have opted into your list, and you need to let them know how to opt out as well. To build a mailing list, here are four essential tips that you need to remember.

1 – Have Sign up Links on Each Page

One essential thing that will help you to build a mailing list is to have signup links on each page of your website. While many visitors to your site go to the home page first, there may be visitors that end up on other pages of your website.

Some people make the mistake of only putting the signup forms or links on the homepage. However, if someone ends up on another page, you could miss an opportunity. Make sure you have a form that stands out on each page of the site for the best results. There are a few apps and services out there that can help you with this.

2 – Add Some Motivation for Signing Up

Another thing you need to remember if you are going to build a mailing list is to add some motivation for signing up. Some of your visitors may need something extra to get them motivated to go ahead and sign up for your list. Giving things away can be a great way to motivate people to sign up for your emails.

Offering free trials, ebooks, reports, and other free items work as bait to get subscribers to sign up. People love something that is free, and if you offer something good, they are happy to give their email address in return. You can use an online service to manage the downloads.

3 – Use Article Marketing

You can also use article marketing to build a mailing list as well. Writing quality articles that put a call to action and links to your web page is a great way to bring people to your signup page.

While you don’t want to have too many calls to action, one good call to action is usually enough to get people to click on the link to your site. If they like the information, you presented in your articles, more than likely they’ll want more and will sign up for your emails.

4 – Don’t Buy a List

It is essential that you remember this important tip when you are working to build a mailing list – don’t buy a list. Many marketers make this mistake. Not only will you end up sending people spam, but you’ll also find that a list that you buy just won’t give you the targeted results that you will get from an email list that you build up on your own.

When you build up your list, people sign up because they are interested, which means they’re more likely to purchase your products. Those who have had their email sold are more likely to consider you spam and never purchase a product from you, which means you have wasted your money.

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