Joomla Contact Forms – With Free Downloads and Coupon Codes!

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In recent years, Joomla has evolved into one of the most popular open source content management systems that are currently available on the market today. It has been downloaded by over 30 million people just within the past few years, according to their company website. There are so many different premium features that are provided through this system, including blogs, RSS feeds, polls, printable pages and even page caching. However, a paid and free Joomla us contact form has become some of the most popular features on the market. Instead of becoming overwhelmed by the abundance of available forms that are ready and waiting for you, here is a list of the top five choices for you to consider.

Rapid Contact

Rapid Contact is a module that will make configuring a basic contact form an extremely simple task free of charge. This particular module does not allow you to choose all of the different bells and whistles that you are able to find in some of the more advanced, premium modules and applications. However, it will provide you with everything that you need to at least get started. For instance, you are provided with the three basic fields – message, subject and e-mail address – which will allow your visitors to enter and submit their information directly to you through this form. Not only is it easy to use for your visitors, but it is also extremely easy to use and setup for yourself as well.

Perfect Ajax Popup Contact Form

There is a wide variety of different integrations that are available through this particular module which makes it extremely adjustable for developers and users alike. The Ajax support team seems to be always there when their customers need their assistance, which makes using this particular module an exception choice. Even though you may get the standard download today, this Joomla contact form module is constantly being updated and upgraded with brand new features that will make it run so much better for you overall.

The layout is filled with buttons that allow you to easily slide your Joomla contact forms in and out of the screen as well as even display the Joomla contact form component within its own Lightbox window. You are provided with the standard features as well as a series of custom lists that include multiple selects, a calendar with date picker as well as a radio group. If the limitations of Rapid Contact are too restricted for your company’s needs, then this particular Joomla contact form module might be exactly what you need.

Contact Enhanced Component

Another great module that you should seriously consider using as a Joomla contact form plugin for your website is the Contact Enhanced Component. This Joomla contact form component comes with a wide variety of premium features that will provide you with many different benefits. You can explore and enjoy such things as custom fields, Google Maps and HTML templates that will work well within your company’s e-mail format.

You can even use Captcha to verify authentication of the people that will be signing in and using these forms. Many customers have applauded this particular Joomla contact form component because of the newsletter integrations that are also available, such as AcyMailing, Campaign Monitor and MailChimp. If you decide that you truly like this particular program, then you can opt to purchase the full version and have direct access to a wide variety of other plugins and modules that will provide you with even more benefits. This premium features will allow you to capture the IP addresses of your users as well as their operating system, browser and even the screen resolution.

Fox Contact Form

This is another great choice for people that are interested in finding top-quality Joomla contact forms without having to pay a lot of money for them. As is the case with many of the other options that are currently available, the Fox Contact Form is also easy to use and set up quickly regardless of how much experience you have when it comes to web design overall and using Joomla contact form components specifically.

This system basically provides you with a CSS-styled output that is completely tableless so that you it can be integrated within your website simply. A famous heavy metal band, Skid Row, is widely known for using this particular module for their website as well. There are upload capabilities along with custom fields that will keep you busy and excited as you look for different ways to use the responsive design and anti-spam system to draw in more customers and expand your business.

Sexy Contact Form

(update: Sexy Contact Form has security vulnerability and we no longer recommend it or link to their website. We’ll keep our description of the contact form up and, hopefully in time, the form will make a comeback).

Even though the name of this particular Joomla contact form might throw you off a bit, it truly is loaded with an abundance of features that will make you either forget about the name all together or, in some cases, agree that the name is fitting for this actual program. There is an unlimited amount of fields provided within this system that can be integrated into your website, each that come with its own set of multiple forms that can be used on each page. You will be able to customize the overall appearance with skins and color themes to create the perfect look and use a wide variety of different field types – such as e-mails, addresses, phone numbers and Captcha – as well. The list of load countries has over 200 different countries and the overall interface and design of this Joomla contact form component is truly something to marvel at consistently.

The Bottom Line

There are so many different choices that you can explore simply by enjoying this module that you may or may not be fully aware of as of yet. However, it is important that you choose a module that is going to provide you with all of the features and capabilities that you need for your website. Make sure that you take the time to study this information and examine the specifications and features included with each module before downloading either of them. There are many different versions that even have demos that you can use to explore and experience these modules firsthand before investing any more time or money into them.